Thursday, 3 November 2016


One day The fog was traveling through the town making it more terrifying when you go walking  onto the streets. Down the road a demolished damp building still stands and still moves as the wind blows down the road. By that house there lives a boy that's always happy and cheerful the kind of one that will take part for everything. One Halloween night he dressed in bloody sheets and held the reaper's scythe and holded the head of a pumpkin for his bag. Once he left the house the streets were filled with nothing but silence. He walked to each house in town but it seemed as no one was there but something caught the corner of his eye a man standing by the fence that needed help blood was dripping from his face and he was shaking like he was freezing suddenly his body disappeared into the fog. The boys heart was pumping he was just about faint  he was scared and had no choice but to spend the night with his friends they went to every single house in town but this time they answered and gave us treats they tasted sugary sweet and crunchie. when he got back home his bag was filled with all kind of streets as his eyes closed he said to himself “Halloween doesn't always have to be a scary thing”.

Friday, 21 October 2016

my weekends

On the weekend the clouds covered the sun and the rain poured down onto the ground causing everyone to keep indoors I traveled to my house to my nephews house so I can have some fun with them.Once I stepped into the room everyone had smiles on their faces looking like they were glad to see me.

The rain is pouring as the day gets colder my nephews call me down to the ground and so I felt excited and happy we turned the ps4 on and we played the game for a while so my stomach growled as loud as a wild lion.

So my brother brang some chips and as quick as a flash we munched them all in half a second. Then we had fish hot dogs and burgers after the feed my eyelids got heavy.

So i went to bed as soon as I closed my eyelids I thought to myself this was a grea time.

Friday, 14 October 2016

my holidays

My Holiday

On a warm sunny day the sun shines bright in the clear blue sky because this is a perfect time to spend time with my nephew at his 5th birthday party. My family and nephew was  there to I could see smiles on everyone's faces I could hear everyone's mouths laughing  joyfully everyone looked like they were having heaps of fun with there family. After a while I smelt the smell of food, the smell of food drawed me to a table with treats there was chicken nuggets chips drinks and more. Finally the birthday boy came along and so did the cake everyone had their eyes glued onto the cake The cake was chocolate brown with chocolate icing on top and my mouth watered and my stomach growled as loud as a roar of a wild lion. My sister called everyone up to the living room to come get some food. All the people in the room were glad that it was time to eat so once they got there food they had to eat outside. After the party was almost done we all went home and waved goodbye. The moon was out and I said to myself "I'm glad I got to spend time with my family".