Friday, 30 May 2014

Room 17 Assembly

Rm17's Assembly

When I went on stage I felt amazed and nervous because we were looking at the whole school. We had karakia mihi , Maurice said the karakia then janita introduced the girls liona waimarama mihi and journey they were doing this Awesome dance. After that janita and toa introduced the bongo people that were janita toa ezekiel mitchell leresah-joe and maurise they were Awesome. then we asked our princible if she was able to say any panui then we asked other teachers if they had any panui then we had karakia again.

                                                    The End.



  1. Hi keanu I like that you said that you felt amazed and nervous and how you told us who did what

  2. Hi keanu I like what you said about how you were nervous.Because I remember when I was on stage I was nervous to.Did you join in with the bongos.NOAH!