Friday, 13 June 2014

cant wait

‘Emmmmmm the bread smells so fresh and tasty my mouth was watery and I just wanted to gobble it up’ I was thinking to myself. ‘EW YUK what is that YUK smell’ I shouted when I looked at the thin and slimy wet smelly fish. Yummy I saw the yum tasty dry jam I tried to get some but there was whole bunch of people in the line I couldn't even get through then I waited forever and ever then finally I was at the front of the line and I brought some jam when I got there I said ‘yippee’? “yummmmm what's that smell I said cheese yum’’ I said to myself so I went and brought me some. After that we had a picnic it was tasty. Then we packed our stuff and went home. It the coolest night ever.    
                    By Keanu


  1. I Keaun. You have a really great story. It is the best. I think next time you should not make the end big just make it normal size thank you

  2. Hi Keanu, I love the way you used descriptive words and the the blue font that you used for the end. But next time you write a story can you only use one letter for each word so I can understand it please.