Friday, 29 August 2014

passion weeks

This week Room 17 has started to do a passion learning project. My group is Hine and Coby I think our group was going very well, what I think we should do better is co-roperate not just bossing them around. What I think I'm looking foward to is making some smoothies and baking and that's what my group is doing. Here is my groups plan I hope you like it.



  1. Hi Keanu I like the smoothie picturs look yummy and it looks cool really good work.

  2. Hi Keanu, I really like the smoothie video its making me very hungry and maybe you put on to show as how to make a smoothie.

  3. Wow Keanu this will really help me, I could make milkshakes, smoothies and muesil bars for my family. Nice work Keanu.

    1. Hi Denver I love your comment goodbye for now.