Friday, 8 August 2014

scary story

W.A.L.T Show don't tell

what we done was a narrative story we were trying to is describe the forest what I done write is that I described what the monsters look like what I could of done is describe more of the forest not the monsters
we done this because it helped us write a narrative.

He was walking he suddenly turned around and saw body’s hanging from the trees, spirits flying around crying. he saw Skulls on the floor on the sharp leafs, then seen blood falling from the trees, he had a look in a cave it was full of dead animals with no skin and bite marks. Alive skeletons  walking around, devils killing people and hanging them and tying them up then something touched him on his shoulder…

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  1. Kia ora Keanu from Mrs Morgan-French. I think you have described what was happening in the forest really well - what a scary place to be! Tu meke.