Thursday, 21 August 2014


WALT use varied sentence beginnings and length

What we were doing is trying to use conjunctions properly. What I think I done well is that I used conjunctions properly like and. What I think I could do better next time is that I should put more conjunctions in there instead of just and.

Broken rusty stair’s were in the old creaky house. Long rusty wood with sharp pointed nails hanging off them. Doors were whacked down, brown mysterious cupboards behind creepy walk ways. Scared people given up trying to clean it, windows were smashed and covered with mist. Dead poisoned rats hanging from the cupboards, holes were in weak walls.
tables and chairs were smashed down, daddy long legs were making humongous webs white tails were as big as your hand.


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  2. Hi Keanu We like the way that you have shown us that the old house was scary.Some of us remember walking through old scary houses. We were wondering if you could tell us what conjunctions are.
    Room 4

  3. Hi Keanu I have some daddy long legs in my house too this is DJ