Wednesday, 29 October 2014


W.A.L.T put lots of detail in our story

what we did is explain what we did in summer we done this because our class chose to and what I think I done well was that I did a very good job with my writing. What I think I should do better next time is make it a bit more interesting.

That was summer

when you went to the beach
and you ran across the hot burning rocks and sand.

And you bombed in the water and made a big splash.

And you squeezed your hands in the nice warm sand.

And you could smelled all the sweet fresh air.

And you saw all your friends running in excitement

Remember that time when you see the sprinkles and sparkles on the salt water.

Remember how the seagulls were so annoying when they were squawking?
That was summer.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

kawakawa pools

W.A.L.T put lots of detail in our writting
for a start what I done well I put lots of describing words and detail. What think I should do next time is make my writing. What we were doing was we were writing about the holidays. We done this because we thought everyone would like to hear about it. 

so I hope you enjoy

In the holidays we went to the Kawakawa pools. Lots of huge people were there I was terrified.So my cousin said “Oh look all the Kaikohe hori’s are here” then I said “ where from Kaikohe so you got rejected? Then my idiotic brother drowned me but of course he didn't he didn't even notice or recognize that he was drowning himself really. Soon and slow as he could do it, he pulled my togs down. It was so embarrassing so I dived under the deep side of the pool as deep as I could and fast as I could. And grabbed them then grabbed on the side of the pool I forgot that I was holding my togs. Suddenly someone dived under me......