Monday, 11 April 2016

learning with matua brent

Yesterday with Matua Brent we have done some pretty cool stuff we made two way pictures it was awesome. The steps were hard but Matua Brent said to keep it simple, the picture the everything the steps are hard but I reckon you can do it.
step.1 draw your picture on the front of a A 4 paper.
step.2 when you your finished carefully use vivid to go over your picture.
step.3 after that get another A 4 piece of paper and draw the same picture
step.4 Then color both of the pictures different colors.
step.5 on one of the A 4 piece of  paper get a ruler using side ways measure every 5 cm and then draw a dot and then under that dot write 1 then 2 and 3 4 5  6 then rule lines that go up, do the same on the other side but instead of writing 123456 write a b c d e f.
step.6 cut down the lines on each paper
step.7 now sellotape 2 A 4 piece of papers together
step.8 now glue the cut up pieces  onto the paper you have sellotaped in this order starting at the right side of the paper A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 E 5 F 6.
4th of October 2015

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