Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The silver scissors

                     Title:The silver scissors

 I’m staring down at my desk the blades of the silver scissors,It’s blades As sharp as the point of a knight's sword Blue as the morning sky Shiny as the sparkling sea. They are a kitchen knife a blade and two o shaped eyes looking for someone to use them.the scissors cuts my page in half.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


I’ve arrived at the Olympics looking up at all the people staring down at us i’m trying to ignore by looking around at all the other challenging competitors ready to take on anything or anyone that’s in there ways. As the crowd cheers their family and friends I slam into a tall player scars covered his face and tattoos of fire up his leg and a golden medal wrapped tightly around his neck . All is quiet and it is time to line up. The wind is blowing softly onto my . Ive arrived at the pool everyone is staring down at me and all my emotions come back as I look down at all the other fit swimmers swimming swiftly through the water I start think if I have what it takes to win this I’m standing next to the water sparkling onto my face the scorching sun is shining onto my legs I stare at the man with the golden medal “I can’t be up against him I panicked”. 3..2..1 go everybody sawing through the water me and everyone else is giving it all we got. Suddenly everyone gets left behind and i’m close to the finish “i’m going to make it ” I screamed. But then it was him he was swimming as fast as you can run he sawed through the water until he we started to come a tie. I saw pieces of sparkling water fly into the air “I can’t lose I will not”. My body started to feel like I can swim forever my arms sawed through the water and my leg made splashes that were as big as a 3 story house.  Just a few more seconds 5 4 3 2 1 “ YES” I screamed all my effort was worth it. All my effort was worth it  3 hours later they announced the rewards. First the bronze and silver and finally gold I stood proudly and walked up to my reward the red hot blazing sun beated down on my back they placed the reward  onto my neck “I won I WON” I shouted. After the Olympics returning home happily without no worries at all.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016