Friday, 21 October 2016

my weekends

On the weekend the clouds covered the sun and the rain poured down onto the ground causing everyone to keep indoors I traveled to my house to my nephews house so I can have some fun with them.Once I stepped into the room everyone had smiles on their faces looking like they were glad to see me.

The rain is pouring as the day gets colder my nephews call me down to the ground and so I felt excited and happy we turned the ps4 on and we played the game for a while so my stomach growled as loud as a wild lion.

So my brother brang some chips and as quick as a flash we munched them all in half a second. Then we had fish hot dogs and burgers after the feed my eyelids got heavy.

So i went to bed as soon as I closed my eyelids I thought to myself this was a grea time.

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